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Wisconsin State Overall
Flying Disc Championships

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The Oldest Disc Sports Event In Wisconsin

Before the craze of Ultimate and Disc Golf, this very popular disc skills championship brought disc sports to the masses in Wisconsin.  The individual events and locations have changed over the years but the Overall Flying Disc Championships have continued every year since 1976. 

Event Chronology

1976-85 Sheboygan - Vallrath Park

1986      Madison - Vilas Park

1987-92 Milwaukee - Brown Deer

1993-94 Milwaukee - Dretzka Park

​1995-97 Sheboygan - Vallrath Park
1998-05 Madison - Elver & Hiestand

2006-09 Sheboygan - Vallrath
2010-14 Madison - Elver & Hiestand


2010 - present

2010 - present

In recent years, Minnesota has earned the distinction of holding the most Challis chalis victories.  
It is actually very nice to see our friends from out west at the Wisconsin States event each year. 

Minnesota and Wisconsin trophy 

The state that accumulates the most points in the combined Wisconsin AND Minnesota State Championships keeps the chalis for the next year.


The Challis Chalis

Our thanks go out to the many dedicated individuals that have made the Wisconsin State Overall Championships a success for the past 40 years.  For more information about this years event, visit

Our legacy 

2014 - and beyond

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