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(13 & under) Overall Flying Disc World Champions

Andrew Van Lanen (pictured here) will always be proud of his accomplishment.

Being the best at anything takes time but the sport of Overall Flying Discs adds the disc- ath-alon element of mastering multiple disiplines to achieve success.  The Overall most often consists of Accuracy, Distance, Maximum Time Aloft and Throw Run Catch (together called Self Caught Flight), Free Style, Disc-a-thon, Disc Golf and Double Disc Court.  Other sports that could be considered Overall Sports are Ultimate, K-9 and Guts.

Andrew Van Lanen from Two Rivers and Woody Wendt from Madison made the sacrifice and won not one or even two but three World Titles. Most recently Andrew found his fame at the 2003 World Championships held in Madison, Wisconsin.  Woody, son of Overall Master Brad Wendt, won his titles in 1997 and 1999.  Both of them continue to enjoy throwing and ocaisionally bragging about being a World Champ.  Congrats!

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